Trashy Walls

Doug has been working on the downstairs bathroom because I need a shower on this floor. The goal is to get it mostly done by the time I get my plastic boot on July 23rd, so that I can take a shower. The last couple days have just been demolition and today turned up a few interesting things! This house was built in 1916 and the bathroom was added later, but we’re not sure exactly how long ago. I was so stoked that he found stuff in the walls because I have this dream of finding ten thousand dollars or something really valuable hidden away somewhere in the house. Well, we didn’t find anything that cool.
bathroom demolition

The bathroom is quite a mess at the moment…
Bathroom Demo Mess
This is where the sink used to be.

First, Doug found a book in the wall. It was very dusty, but in surprisingly good shape. It doesn’t even have that musty “old book” smell that they get when they sit on shelves or in boxes for years. The book is called Beautiful Joe and it’s by Marshall Sanders. The original copyright is 1893, but it looks like this copy was published in 1920. Pretty neat!

Then, he came across this area that was literally stuffed with trash! I’m talking plastic wrappers, paper bags, packing peanuts, dirt, and this really neat box that looks like it held chocolates. On the bottom, it says “Made in Switzerland” and the top says “Springtime.” There wasn’t any money in it, as I had hoped, just a piece of aluminum foil.
Stuff in the Walls
The Box in the Wall